The VUMETER module consists of a 2×12 segment level indicator (this element is not designed and manufactured by ph modular), integrated into a module in Eurorack format. It can also be used independently for one stereo signal, one or two mono signals or with a “Mixer++ V2” (a jumper on the back allows you to deactivate the LED of the button)

A lighted button “Functions” on the front allows access to the many integrated settings (a jumper on the back allows you to deactivate the LED of the button).

Operating modes (excerpt from the manufacturer’s manual):

The data will be saved automatically every 5 seconds after changing the setting.

Each LED has a separate current limiting resistor, ensuring the same brightness at different colors. The signal input through the op-amp isolation, avoid high frequency AUDIO interference.
NB: Depending on the power supply used in your eurorack enclosure, however, there may be very slight noise at high frequencies.

Setting modes:

– Column Display: Light moves up and down 1 segment depending on signal strength.
– Vertex fall back: Light goes up and down 1 segment depending on signal strength. Highest segment is held then quickly drops after 0.5 seconds (default mode)
– Rising vertices: starting to rise and fall according to the strength of the signal, the highest point remains a light, and after 0.5 seconds it will start to rise rapidly
– Center diffusion display: centered on lights 6 and 7 and displayed on both sides depending on signal strength
– Single point display: light goes up and down from 1st depending on signal strength
– Single point: vertex fold
– Single point: the summit rises

5 internal setting modes can be accessed by a long press on the “functions” button:

– Brightness adjustment
– Adjustment of the decline of the segments
– Gain adjustment
– Channel setting (stereo, left or right)
– Automatic adjustment

Available with black or white panel.

This module is inspired by the “VUM” module from Stéphane Cavi (cavisynth) with his kind permission. Big thanks to him!

Price: 70€ (without shipping costs).

To order, please contact me by email. The terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs will be detailed to you by return email. Payment will only be in euros (€) and can be made by paypal or by check for metropolitan France. International delivery with tracking number.
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Specifications :
Size 4HP, epoxy panel 1,6 mm.
Deep : 27mm (skiff friendly).
PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.
Components tested and assembled by hand, in Brittany, France.
Available as an assembled Module, no kit.
In the box : M3 & nylon nuts.
Consumption: ~30 mA (+12V) / 0 mA (-12V).

MANUAL (soon)