Discover here the other side of Christian FOUCAUD, now operating under the pseudonym “ph modular” (formerly “ph Neutre”):

The composition and live performance of electronic music mixing classic and modular synthesizers, “fieldlogging” (recording in a natural environment), and other electronic delirium shapes a style navigating between chill out, ambient or melodic techno pieces… The particularity of his live performances lies in a “full hardware” game: no computer, only instruments, with maximum visibility for the public, so that the latter can benefit from the interactions between man and his machines. .

Constantly opening up to alternative uses of this material, Christian does not hesitate to explore other avenues (the sonification of plants for example, etc.)


He can sometimes be accompanied by Xavier (staging, lighting design, video mapping, etc.) where they form the PHAX collective (dedicated facebook page).



ph Neutre also likes to venture into sound design, a very enriching experience where he must adapt his music to other universes…

Example with the 2021 book of “l’éclairographe” :