Mixer ++

The MIXER++ module is a multi-function, low-power mixer (12HP).

– 4 mono inputs including 1 mono or stereo (switching depending on the connection used, can be used as a stereo effect return)
– 1 main level potentiometer (logarithmic curve)
– 1 auxiliary mono output, with choice of output level via jumper on the back
– 1 stereo output on 3.5mm jack
– each channel includes:
– 1 level potentiometer (log curve)
– 1 mute button (with two-tone blue/red status LED) to activate/deactivate the channel
– Auxiliary send pre or post level
– 1 potentiometer with central panning detent
– Connection connector for a second Mixer++ (connection cable supplied with a second purchase of Mixer++). In this case, the output of the first Mixer is sent to the output of the 2nd Mixer. You thus have 8 channels, including two stereo as well as two independent auxiliary sends, all “summed” on the stereo output of Mixer n°2

Accepts audio or CV signals. Note that the two-color LEDs are blue and red, contrary to the illustration images.

Available with black or white panel.

Review par “in modular with love“:

Price: 155€ (without shipping costs)

To order, please contact me by email. The terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs will be detailed to you by return email. Payment will only be in euros (€) and can be made by paypal or by check for metropolitan France. International delivery with tracking number.
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Specifications :
Size 12HP, epoxy panel 1,6 mm.
Deep : 36mm (skiff friendly).
PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.
Components tested and assembled by hand, in Brittany, France.
Available as an assembled Module, no kit.
In the box : M3 & nylon nuts.
Consumption: ~12 mA (+12V) / ~12 mA (-12V).


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