The Vactrol LP filter module is a passive circuit which filters a signal entering “IN” and leaving “OUT” by the action of a CV signal acting on a low-pass filter, via a “vactrol”.
The attenuator acts on the CV IN signal.

A selector allows you to choose between standalone (“default”) mode with a filter setting I defined and “user” mode.
The “user” mode is interesting because it allows you to test different capacitors (3 different values ​​are supplied with the module) to refine your choice of low-pass filter. Simply insert a capacitor of your choice into the slot provided for this purpose. Of course, you can test any values ​​you want 🙂
Note that this selector also allows you to listen to the signal without a filter (if no capacitor is inserted).

An RGB LED indicates the status of the CV IN signal. This LED influences the CV IN signal, especially at higher voltages/octaves.
You can disable the jumper on the back of the module or keep this setting to take advantage of this signal instability.

Available with red, black or white panel.

Price: 35€ (without shipping costs).

To order, please contact me by email. The terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs will be detailed to you by return email. Payment will only be in euros (€) and can be made by paypal or by check for metropolitan France. International delivery with tracking number.
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Specifications :
Size 2HP, epoxy panel 1,6 mm.
Deep : 25mm (skiff friendly).
PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.
Components tested and assembled by hand, in Brittany, France.
Available as an assembled Module, no kit.
In the box : M3 & nylon nuts.
No consumption (passive module).


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Little Kypski demo (thanks to him!)