Kit PRO-1

An extension for the Behringer PRO-1, why?

The PRO-1 is an extremely well-stocked semi-modular synthesizer which fits perfectly into a EURORACK modular environment by offering the possibility of being easily detached from its chassis, thus becoming a complete 80HP synthetic voice.
But the “MAIN PCB” board, disconnected, becomes unusable. We thus lose very important parameters and functionalities of this synthesizer, such as the USB interface, the audio OUT in 6.35mm jack, the MIDI OUT/THRU, the choice of MIDI channels etc…
The solution: the extension imagined and produced by “ph modular” in the form of a “Do It Yourself” kit, to be assembled by the user, with all the components necessary for its realization provided. So you’ll find the full power of the PRO-1 in your Eurorack system!

What there is to know :

In order to respect the dimensions of the 1U Intellijel™, this kit requires replacing the midi Din connector with a pre-wired TRS jack supplied (do not hesitate to download the assembly manual below where everything is explained step by step ).

What does the “MAIN PCB” extension bring?

– Independent power supply, you relieve that of your eurorack box
– On/off switch
– USB port: This port transmits and receives MIDI data and allows updating the PRO-1
– MIDI OUT/THRU port: this port transmits the data received on the MIDI IN input and the USB port, as well as the notes of the sequencer and the arpeggiator.
– Easy choice of MIDI channel from the traditional 16 available
– 6.35 unbalanced output jack socket

Available with black panel.

Also available for synthesizers:

(in 3U version: model D, CAT, WASP…)

Price: 36€ (without shipping costs).

To order, please contact me by email. The terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs will be detailed to you by return email. Payment will only be in euros (€) and can be made by paypal or by check for metropolitan France. International delivery with tracking number.
Learn more about delivery terms.

Specifications :
Size 27HP, epoxy panel 1,6 mm.
Deep : 65mm.
PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.
Module delivered as a kit.

ASSEMBLY MANUAL (the same as K-2)