Known by different names (“slew”, “bend”, “portamento”, “glissando”…), the GLIDE module is a utility allowing sliding from one note pitch to another.

Is a utility allowing the sliding from one note pitch to another.
Concretely, this is a gradual voltage variation (the speed of which depends on the position of the potentiometer) between a signal entering at IN and exiting at OUT.
It can be used to read notes in a subtle or radical way, for special effects, to soften an LFO (rectangular waveform) or an ADSR curve, etc …

The slip time varies from 0 to ~7 seconds (when the potentiometer is fully right), ~2 seconds in the
middle (test carried out over a range of 0 to 1 volt, or one octave).
The “rate” setting thus allows a subtle effect on the first quarter (bass sequence, arp…), a little more
pronounced on the second, and more exaggerated on the next two.

A small trimpot, on the back of the module, allows you to switch from the classic Glide mode to the
more experimental “special effects” mode, even… psychedelic (slip time varies from 0 to ~13 seconds)!
– Trimpot maximum, counter-clockwise: Glide soft, traditional (as described in the “explications” section),
mode recommended for typical use.
– Trimpot maximum clockwise: Demonic Glide. Caution, in this mode, the “RATE” potentiometer at zero
already restores a Glide of about 6 seconds! You have to see the trimpot as a second potentiometer
connected in series with the main one. To be reserved for special effects or sound experiences 🙂

– “Rate” potentiometer
– Aesthetic logo (with LED)
– green or black or White panel

Price: 38€ (without shipping costs).

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Specifications :
Size 2HP, epoxy panel 1,6 mm.
Deep : 25mm (skiff friendly).
PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.
Components tested and assembled by hand, in Brittany, France.
Available as an assembled Module, no kit.
In the box : M3 & nylon nuts.
Consumption: ~ 10 mA (+12V) / ~ 10 mA (-12V).

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